For Parents

BRAC University is relentlessly striving to empower its students. We want to create competent and empathetic individuals who would bring positive changes in the family, country and even in the world around us. In our challenging journey we want to incorporate the parents and family. We really want them to be engaged into the academic lives of their children. We want them to be part of educational progress, personal development and overall success that the students experience throughout their university lives. To make things visible we do invite parents in our Pre-university orientation program. Even parents meeting are organized twice in Pre-university program and Savar residential semester as communication link between the parents and the university. Though this concept of engaging parents in the university lives of their children is completely unique, we find it rewarding. The parents also appreciate it as they get more involved in the process. Now they know when and how to provide encouragement and support to their children. We believe that we can achieve the best if we have the parents beside us.