The BRAC Institute of Languages (BIL) at BRAC University plans to be committed to the field of academic language teaching and research, with a clear focus on creative and forward thinking teaching concepts for diverse learner groups. The primary goal of the Institute is to assist students to develop language skills for success in their academic, professional and personal life. Building on the success of CfL, BIL intends to achieve this by continuing to offer proficiency-based courses and by using creative student-centered language teaching techniques and high quality teacher training programmes. In addition, BIL will continue to offer the pre-university course for students who need additional help with English language skills in order to perform well at the university. The core objectives of the proposed institute are listed below:

1.1. Creating knowledge: Building on the existing expertise and innovative teaching experiences and research

1.2. Convening experts: Providing a platform for practitioners, academics and policy makers to come together to focus on specific problems of teaching English to the under privileged and develop new strategies

1.3. Exploring new ideas: Field testing new teaching innovations through pilots, conducting qualitative and quantitative studies to understand process and impacts and adopting good practice lessons for adoption and scaling up

1.4. Advocating policy: Working with policy makers to adopt effective ELT strategies in the local and global contexts

1.5. Developing ELT Materials: Working with local and international partners to create cost effective, high quality teaching learning materials for various media