In pre-university we often get students from different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds. Most of these students are from Bangla medium and face a real hard time after being enrolled here.

Since a huge number of students are not comfortable with new metropolitan setting and new language system, it becomes a great challenge for the teachers to make the language class effective and interactive. In this situation, the teachers need to extend their helping hand beyond the classroom to bring a change in them. This actual scenario instigates us to introduce mentoring program in pre-university.

Pre-university mentoring program intends to support pre-university students during the transition part from pre-university to university by nurturing learners’ leadership skill and preparing them to become independent learners and successful university students. This part offers both the teachers and students a unique role to play.

Mentoring section is divided into two parts- arranging programs and doing counseling. These programs are engaging students in different activities like publishing wall magazine, doing open discussion etc. All these activities successfully promote students’ language learning and cultural awareness. Apart from that, a counseling session is conducted by the mentor who suggests a short action plan for the weak students for quick recovery.

Mentoring has a huge impact on the learners. Teachers report a positive change in students’ performance just after a few mentoring sessions. They become more active, motivated and enthusiastic learners. In the same way, students are also very positive about different mentoring activities. Their feedback and mentoring sessions reveal that they consider all the mentoring activities challenging and fruitful. Students recognize that it opens the window to think creatively and independently.