BRAC University Listening Lab


BRAC University Listening Lab focuses on three basic principles to help students get the best out of their skills: Reinforcing, Enhancing & Providing a Relaxed Setup. By ensuring all the three above mentioned facts, listening lab aims at developing materials and bridging the newer concepts to improve listening so that maximum exposure to the target language can be guaranteed. In short, this lab is designed in a way that all the learners of BRAC University, whether a good, mediocre or struggling listener, can have some room to polish his listening faculty as instructed by the teacher or out of self-realization. For this, the computers have been configured as per the necessity of different modules of as well as self-study practices. At first, listening lab helps battling learners achieve higher capability.

How it works?

The listening lab reinforces the abilities of a learner and tries to add some more to the practice done during his respective listening classes. This gives them a better understanding of their areas to improve and paves a way to get out of those dilemmas. After that, frequent utilization of the listening lab by all the learners will fortify their understanding abilities. For example, listening to a book read on tape may help someone perceive how the words on the page can wake up in an expressive manner. It helps one to concentrate on the qualities of words read without intrusion and gives a model of familiar inspecting. Audio books additionally provide for an essential prologue to listening, an expertise that one must excel in. For this, the listening lab has been furnished with a lot of documentaries, listening tracks, movies, songs and many other things. All these things a tied to separate worksheets by the respective teacher and students are to pop in whenever they have time and accomplish their tasks.

To add more convenience, they can send their answers directly to the teacher through email from the lab. Numerous books, tracks, movies and other listening materials have fascinating impacts that are particularly inspiring for them and using the lab during the gaps between the classes has always been proven fruitful to the students. Even if they want, they may check out the folders arranged as per their lessons. The lab is specifically useful for them who aspire to know more beyond the classroom or for those who have missed something in the class as this lab also offers their classroom materials more intensively. Moreover, this lab aspires to afford some extra room for the students who feel shy in the classroom to share their problems with listening or for those who do not have the opportunity to practice listening outside the classroom. All these facts have been turned into a reality by furnishing the lab with a large number of books, listening materials of all the six languages and last but not the list, a wide collection of worksheets to help them be a better listener over time.

Weekly listening activity

The listening lab arranges weekly activity on listening. It is an open to all activity which has been designed to bridle their listening skills in an interesting way. For instance, during the last semester activities like ‘Developing Presentation Skills’, ‘Private Detective’, ‘Memory Test’ and some other interesting activities were designed and the participation was noteworthy. For the management part, the lab is administered by a full time lab in charge. However, teachers are also assigned by rotation to employ their free times in developing the materials for listening lab and cultivating module integration. Nevertheless, listening lab is still quite a new born baby for BRAC Institute of Languages. So far we have been trying to give our best efforts so that it can be taken as a sustainable resource center by the students. We know that the forms of learning are ever changing and it sometimes creates quandary in selecting materials for the lab. From our part, we gladly accept the challenge and in a pretty near future, we hope to transform it into one of the prides of BRAC University by attaining world class quality.

Access and working hours

The listening lab is situated at UB21203 and has open access to all the students of BRAC University. Anyone can use the lab from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm during the open days for the university.