Weekly Speaking Activity

Weekly Speaking activity:

BRAC-Bil started arranging weekly speaking activity with the initiative of Jimalee Sowell, English Language Fellow from USA. With the inspirations by Lady Syeda Sarwat Abed, a team of faculty members from BIL have started arranging for weekly speaking activity since Fall 2014. Bil faculty members plan for the sessions, develop materials and conduct the workshops beyond classes for the development of the student’s English speaking abilities.


Our students need to practice speaking in English without stress. Thus, our objectives are:

  • To let the students practice speaking English in a fun environment having low affective filter
  • To create an interdependence learning environment for building good interpersonal skills
  • To Integrate all four skills for having a successful oral communication

When, Where, and Who:

Every semester teachers plan for weekly sessions. Students can do spot registration and attend the workshops. BRAC University Language and Communication Club provide their support in arranging the workshops by doing the advertisements throughout the university. The activities usually take place inside the listening lab (UB21203). The workshops are open for all BRACU students.

Synopsis of previous works:

Till now our teachers have arranged for sessions on: General Public manners, Small talk, Questioning strategy, Conversational strategies, The Synergy factor: thinking out of the box, Presentation skills, various interactive games, Intonation Fun and so on, all of which involves the students into having ‘realia’ dialogues, engaging in conversations, having debates, coming up with new ideas and making sentences spontaneously and many more.


  • To let our students feel more confident and easy with the verbal use of English
  • To prepare them well and help them to be ready for workplaces at their best