BIL participated in National BELTA Conference

On 21 January 2012, a number of BIL faculty members attended the BELTA National Conference on Communicative Language Teaching held in BRAC Inn, BRAC Centre. The theme of the conference was "CLT in Bangladesh: Myths and Realities". The faculty members actively participated in the seminars and workshops conducted by renowned scholars, to mention, Dr. Arifa Rahman, Dr. Md. Shahidullah, Dr. Muhammed Shahriar Haque, Harun-ur Rashid Khan and others.

BIL faculty members at the 17th NELTA International Conference

Five faculty members from BIL presented papers in the 17th NELTA (Nepal English Teachers Association) International Conference on "Beyond Binaries: Sharing ELT Practices and Creating the Future" held in Katmandu, Napal form 18 to 20 February, 2012.

The paper titled "Drama: proven essentials of BRACU BIL to create competent learners" was presented jointly by Roxana A. Chowdhury and Golam Kader Zilany, while two other faculty members from BIL, Effat Hyder and Hasna Khanom had their presentation on "Engaging Students into Developing Rubrics to Ensure Learner Autonomy". In addition, Golam Kader Zilany and Ashik Sarwar  presented two papers respectively on  "CLT Materials and Modes of Assessment at the Secondary Level Education in Bangladesh: Teachers'/Learners' Perception"  and "The Interior Design of an EFL Classroom in the Tertiary Level: Perspective Bangladesh"

The conference had been a tremendous opportunity for ELT practitioners to exchange experiences about English language teaching across the globe, since 90 working papers were presented by 65 representatives from 17 different countries.

Paper Presented at IIUC, Chittagong

Ashik Sarwar, Lecturer of BIL, BRAC University presented a paper titled, "The backwash effects and challenges of testing reading of the intermediate learners in Bangladesh", in the Conference on English studies in Bangladesh organized by the Department of English Language and Literature of International Islamic University of Chittagong (IIUC). The day long program was held on 14 February 2012 at the university premises.

BIL faculty members presented papers at TESOL Conference 2012

Two faculty members of BRAC Institute of Languages (BIL) have presented two papers at the TESOL Conference 2012 at Philadelphia. The uniqueness of this opportunity to present at TESOL becomes clear when one considers that TESOL is the largest international organization, and at its annual conference less than 20% papers submitted for participation get accepted. All high level ELT professionals and experts from the world over aspire to come at TESOL conference to share their highest achievements and thoughts. This year about 7000 experts from more than 100 countries participated to share thoughts on professional development and best practices.

BIL's two lecturers presented papers based on their original work. Aminul Islam's (Lecturer) paper was Social capital and the aspects of marginalized female English teacher. Islam looked at the vulnerable female English teachers of rural Bangladesh to interpret their 'social capital' through a measurement of their life skills, social recognition and economic productivity. His study reflected the intertwining impacts of the capacity gained by these female English teachers on their family and community and the place it gave them in the socio political contexts.

The second paper presented jointly by Mahmuda Yasmin Shaila, (Lecturer) and Beth Trudell, an ex-pedagogy expert at BIL, was titled Transforming struggling students to successful students. It focused on teachers' struggle to motivate students to continue to learn in class. Shaila & Trudell described a successful procedure that they had devised to motivate students in their classroom. Their unconventional and challenging procedure had resulted in confident students at the end of the course. Their papers were well attended and commented upon.