English for Academic Purposes (EAP)


This course English for Academic Purposes (EAP) covers the four skills of English language. This course is divided into two major wings: Speaking & Listening and Reading & Writing.  The teaching methodology of the course will be communicative and interactive. This approach will ensure active student participation through group and pair work as well as independent presentations. The course will focus on developing fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing both in and outside the classroom. The total time duration of the course is 60 hours which consists of 2 classes per week, each class of 2:30 hours.

Learning Objectives:

i. Developing effective and efficient reading, writing, listening and speaking strategies and techniques
ii. Increasing students’ repertoire of vocabulary
iii. Reading with speed and accuracy
iv. Writing standard well informed essays
v. Enhancing spoken fluency and presentation skill


i. Writing process including pre and post writing techniques
ii. Writing letters and applications
iii. Summarising and paraphrasing
iv. Report writing
v. Argumentative essay writing
vi. Listening comprehension
vii. Impromptu presentation and persuasive speech