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Program Features

Students with a 4-year degree in English or related subjects (e.g. English / Applied Linguistics / Linguistics / Education) will do 39 credits.

Students with a 3-year degree in English or related subjects with 2-years' teaching experience will do 48 credits.

The program is offered in three stages. The first stage is the Certificate semester. A diploma can be obtained upon completion of the next semester. Finally, completing the third semester will give students the option of graduating with a Master's degree.

A Bachelor's (Honours) degree in English or related subject with second division or CGPA 2.5 and above.

Applicants who do not have this background but have a Bachelor's degree in related subject must have two years' experience of teaching.

Qualifying in admission test in English consisting of written test and interview.

Program Outline

Compulsory Courses (to be taken by all students)

TSL 501

Foundation of Linguistics: Syntax and Semantics; Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology (3 credits)

TSL 502

Methods and Practice of Teaching ESL (3 credits)

TSL 503

Syllabus, Curriculum and Materials Design and Evaluation (3 credits)

TSL 504

Second Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics (3 credits)

TSL 505

Language Testing and Evaluation (3 credits)

TSL 506

Use of Technology in ELT (3 credits)

TSL 507

Teaching Practicum 1 (3 credits)

TSL 508

Teaching Practicum 2 (3 credits)

TSL 509

Classroom Research and Research Methods in ELT (3 credits)

TSL 510

Dissertation (6 credits)

List of Electives (Open to Choice)

TSL 601

Sociolinguistics and New Englishes (3 credits)

TSL 602

Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis (3 credits)

TSL 603

English for Specific and Academic Purpose (3 credits)

TSL 604

ELT Leadership and Management (3 credits)

TSL 605

Critical Discourse Analysis (3 credits)

TSL 606

Teaching Language through Literature (3 credits)

TSL 607

The History of English Language Teaching (3 credits)

TSL 608

Statistics for EFL Researchers (3 credits)